FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the “Offers” section, enter your email address and password, then click on “connection”.

Consulting the ads is the first step, enabling you to see if some of the online ads interest you before you register and become a madamechapeau yourself… un sas en soi… (désolée, je ne comprends pas ce que cela veut dire, tu pourras m’expliquer ?)

It’s important to know that ads generate ads. Your online ad might sway an undecided Madame Chapeau who, won over, goes on to publish the ad of your dreams.

This community is ours: the more we help it to grow, the more the world will open up to us..!

So don’t wait too long to post your ad, you might miss out on a great opportunity to meet a super madamechapeau!

You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail from Madame Chapeau. Afterwards, another e-mail from Madame Chapeau will guide you in the creation of your ad. Be aware that these e-mails might be found in your spam or junk mail.

First of all, it’s good to know that Madame Chapeau contacts you by e-mail and checks your identity and place of residence (passport or identity card or driving licence, copy of lease or property tax or EDF or water bill, etc.).

In addition, all ads are rigorously checked. The website offers a recommendation system that adds a very powerful level of protection. Any ad that does not respect the charter will be rejected.

In order to better prepare for your trip, you will be put in contact with the other madamechapeau. This will give you the opportunity to communicate with one another and build trust.

Finally, the advertisements are regularly checked by the madamechapeau team, with, in addition to identity and residence checks, voice and visual checks (phone calls and skype).

An online ad (e.g. Greta in Berlin) interests me. I contact Madame Chapeau by email at contact@madamechapeau.com.Madame Chapeau sends my request to Greta in Berlin, passing on my personal email address.Greta from Berlin contacts me directly via my personal email.Email correspondence between Greta and I.If there is a good feeling between us, a visit can be planned.

Madame Chapeau will keep abreast of the development of your new friendship and your joint projects.

If you end up visiting each other’s homes, Madame Chapeau will ask you for a short testimony of your experience and a photo of the two of you with a hat that she will post online with your respective feedback.


You have welcomed Greta from Berlin to your home in Paris; together, you then plan your visit to Greta’s home in the near future.

In order to be able to exchange messages with an online madamechapeau you have to become a madamechapeau yourself and post your own online ad.It is all about sharing and reciprocity: I get to be a hostess and a guest.Both of you will therefore be able to consult your respective ads in complete confidence before corresponding, since the ads on the site are checked and secure.To become a madamechapeau, click on the section “Connection/registration“, fill in the online form and send it.You will receive a confirmation e-mail from contact@madamechapeau.com followed by a subsequent e-mail giving you the different instructions to follow to finalize your membership application (identity check, invoice less than 3 months old that gives proof of your address) as well as ideas about how to write your ad.The ads already online might inspire you. I will help you to write yours if need be. Be careful, e-mails from contact@madamechapeau.com can be found in your spam or junk mail.

Here are a few ideas for writing your ad…

– Last name, First name

– Age

– Personal situation (single, married with or without children, etc…)

– Will you be a hostess alone or do you have children/adolescents?

– Occupation (student, young worker, retired, unemployed etc.)

– Do you have a single room or a sofa bed?

– The name of your referee, if you have one, or a friend in common

– Please specify if you are a smoker

– Please also specify if you have a pet (your husband does not count!)

– Some pictures 4/5 max (bedroom, interior of house, exterior)

– A picture of you


It’s very nice to talk about your sporting or artistic interests, countries you’ve already visited and those you would like to visit.

Copies of a few documents need to be provided to secure your ad:

– Copy of your identity document (or passport, permit)

– Copy of an invoice which is less than three months old, providing proof of your address.

A telephone appointment by skype or WhatsApp will be scheduled to get to know you better.

Only the advertisement written with Madame Chapeau will appear on the site: first name, city and useful information. Your contact details, last name and email will be hidden.

I am a member of the madamechapeau.com community. I can now contact another madamechapeau.

Don’t forget that Madame Chapeau travels often, and she is therefore quite autonomous; you will be her guide and you can meet up in the evening. It will just be necessary to specify the fact before your guest comes to visit.

Yes, but for that you have to be a Madame Chapeau yourself and, above all, the Madame Chapeau hostess must be willing. It is up to you to discuss this together when you are organizing your visit.

You are welcome, of course. There are many of us in your situation; you will just have to take advantage of the times when your partner goes away on a business or family trip to organize the visit of your new friend.

For the first visit it is essential to welcome her alone; she will be more comfortable and you will be a little more available.

Once you have established trust, you can organize another visit and introduce her to your partner.

Yes, of course, especially if your children are teenagers or young adults who are very independent; as for young children, you will just need to specify this when organizing the visit.

It was out of passion that I created this site with the aim of proposing a true dynamic driven by travel, meetings between new people, sharing and friendship.

In the future, in order to finance the management costs and in a perspective of continuous improvement, our search for financing will have two main axes: advertisers and affiliate marketing.

The principle of this website is that it is free and it will remain so!

In order to send us your various questions or remarks, you can contact us in several different ways:

By email: please send us an email to contact@madamechapeau.com so that we can reply as soon as possible.

By Facebook: you can also contact us directly via the madamechapeau facebook page, or by clicking on this link.


  • Ensure that you can provide sheets and a set of clean bath towels. Indeed, Mesdames Chapeau should be able to travel “light”.
  • Make sure that your home is clean and tidy when you welcome your guest (ah yes, this is very important!)
  • Make sure that you are available, according to your schedule, especially if you work, and give your guest guidance in deciding what to visit, as you would advise a family member.
  • You work: it’s not a problem, you can meet up at the end of the day… It’s up to you to make plans together. Madame Chapeau is used to travelling, so don’t worry: she will know how to keep herself busy during her free time!
  • Madame Chapeau is not looking for a simple hotel but rather an experience shared with you, a taste of your life, culture, and history of where you live; she wishes to visit your city/town and benefit from an insider’s knowledge, which no travel agency can offer.
  • When your friend visits, ensure that you’re home alone (unless you live with your children or adolescents). In this way, you’ll be more available to devote time to her, and your friend will feel more at ease.
  • Be there to welcome your friend when she arrives in your city/town and arrange to meet at the exit to the train or coach station/taxi rank/metro, etc. It’s up to you to decide on a meeting place together when planning the trip (WhatsApp is an extraordinary tool and it’s free, helping you to get to know one another).
  • Wear… A HAT on your arrival in the city/town or village of your friend.
  • Take a small present for your hostess (preferably a local delicacy or other speciality from your own region or country) to offer on your arrival.
  • Respect the lifestyle and customs of your hostess.
  • Contribute towards the various expenses that are incurred during your stay, eg. public transport, food, cultural visits, petrol for car journeys, etc.
  • Ensure, of course, that the bedroom is clean when you leave.
  • All reviews will be monitored (and verified in case of litigation) by the Madame Chapeau team before being published online.
  • Any abusive or racist comments will be blocked and will lead to the definitive cancellation of membership of the person who wrote the review.
  • The only items to appear on the website will be the ad written with Madame Chapeau, first name(s), city and useful information: your contact details, family name and email address will be hidden.

This type of adventure can only work between well-educated people.

This charter gives certain guidelines, but all of this remains common sense and good manners.

The only rule is to:


Welcome your friend as you would welcome your cousin or as you would like to be welcomed yourself.

I remain convinced that by exchanging messages and entering into correspondence you will intuitively feel whether or not there is a good connection between you.

This could be an extraordinary adventure for us, mesdames, if we all play the game!

So, are you ready to become a future Madame Chapeau?

I remain at your service, should you require any further explanations.