What people are saying about Madame Chapeau…

An exceptional week

It was in Boulogne-Billancourt, just a stone’s throw away from the metro station of Marcel Sembat, that I hung my hat. A home from home!

Janine, Madame Chapeau, welcomed me with open arms. I discovered an extraordinary, dynamic, smiling woman, always cheerful, available and happy to hear what I wanted to do.

Going with the flow…
A visit to the Maison de la Radio, then a refreshing break on the barge of Myriam (a friend of Janine’s), followed by a stroll along the banks of the Seine as far as the Pont de l’Alma, where we stepped aboard a river boat to take in the sights of Paris at “the blue hour”. The spectacle continued with an evening meal on board and our plates were the showcase for delicious cuisine!

In the most beautiful museums!
At the Pompidou, the Musée d’Orsay, the Grand Palais and the Atelier des Lumières, I savoured the paintings of the great masters: Bacon, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh… to name but a few… because the list is far from being exhaustive!
How fortunate I was to share these moments with Janine, “dame chapeau” and also “dame culture”… because Janine knows a lot about art, but not only that… Every time we went for a walk, she told me stories and anecdotes about those who have made and make our beautiful capital so rich.

Janine receives a special mention for EXCELLENCE!

Dominique’s stay with Janine, October 2019

Thank you for all these shared moments.

A week has already gone by since my Dame Chapeau of Saint Pierre set off on other adventures … It was a pleasure meeting Dominique…. Always cheerful, ready to roam the streets of Paris, curious about everything…. For a first try, it was a success.

It’s like she’s already part of my family… I am delighted and very much looking forward to joining her in August and sharing her daily life on this beautiful island she speaks of lovingly.

Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, future “DAME CHAPEAUs” don’t hesitate to become a hostess… You will be warmly welcomed in turn. In addition to discovering a new country and culture, it’s a wonderful experience of trust and friendship…

IN CONCLUSION: GREEN LIGHT for a series of travel adventures, discoveries and encounters in complete confidence… TO BE CONTINUED!!!


Janine’s stay with Dominique, October 2019

How can I explain something incredible in the simplest possible way?

Almost a year ago, I received a phone call from a certain Joanne. But who was she?

She spoke about the “madamechapeau” website and I didn’t understand at all. It must be said that I very, very, very rarely go on Facebook.

In short, Joanne (also known as “tante roulotte”) called me on the advice of Claire who was well aware of my passion for dogs. This lady, originally from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon where I myself lived for 20 years, explained to me that she had been born there, that her daughter lived there and that she would like to go back there for the summer to enjoy time with her daughter and family. The problem was that Joanne has a dog and she couldn’t take it with her (too heavy for this first direct flight between France and the archipelago).

She asked me if I could look after it. In fact, I love dogs, I have 4 dogs myself, all female. Oh dear, a male, that was not going to work with female Samoyeds in heat! But Doudou has been neutered! YES!

We resolved to give it a shot. Joanne visited several weekends so that the ‘menagerie’ could get used to each other and accept one another. A real joy! Doudou is a sweetheart and ‘the girls’ were delighted to have a new buddy.

Finally, Joanne was able to go to Saint-Pierre. The 8 weeks spent with Doudou were a real pleasure.

But in addition to all that, Joanne and I became friends. We see each other regularly and help each other out.

Thanks to her and madamechapeau, our network of contacts is expanding!

I’ve found an extraordinary friend who I see as much as possible.

I never thought I’d meet anyone with whom I could have such a close affinity, and that’s all thanks to Madame Chapeau !!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you Claire. It’s not every day that you get to meet someone like this, and it’s thanks to you and your website.

Conclusion: I, in turn, became a… madamechapeau!”

Joanne’s (“tante Roulotte”) stay with Dominique.


Claire is the eldest of four daughters, whose mother, taken from us too soon, was my neighbour and childhood friend. Claire is a fighter who is really involved in the life of the town in which she lives. Visit her here!


Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Women who welcome visitors and are welcomed themselves as guests, all over the world, now that’s a good idea. Hats off to Madame Chapeau. Take a look at the Facebook page: Madame Chapeau

This is an original, trustworthy and reassuring idea for those of us who wish to travel as free and independent women… Meeting a person who has been recommended by a friend and who will recommend another friend… and so on, to build a network of contacts and meet new people freely and with confidence… Register now and let’s give it a go, knowing we can enjoy peace of mind. Thank you, Claire, for having this idea for us.

My friend, Claire Foliot-Guichard, asked me to share this information about her website and I am happy to oblige.



For all women who like to travel! A fabulous project created by Claire Foliot-Guichard, who wishes to extend Madame Chapeau to Canada.

Ladies, young ladies and friends, too! For those of you who like to travel but who also see that the world has changed, I recommend the website of my friend Claire Foliot-Guichard, who you can fully trust and who is a true professional.

Hi girls!!! I’m delighted to share this website set up by my friend, Claire, who is passionate about travelling. A super idea which I hope will bear fruit. Indeed, if you like travelling but you’re on your own, the idea of sharing is a great solution. So feel free to take a look, ‘like’ and share with anyone you want, and why not embark on an adventure yourself?



For all single women who like travelling and the notion of sharing. A wonderful initiative. Hats off! Don’t hesitate to tell others about it!



A dear friend asked me to share this. It’s a community for women who would like to travel but may find themselves alone.




Madame Chapeau is a great and totally innovative idea. Here is the first travel website for single women who wish to meet new people and experience the adventure of a country in situ with other women. We could talk about the notion of exchange, or an invitation to travel. This idea encompasses the poetry of Baudelaire… Bravo Claire Foliot-Guichard! I wish you success and happiness. It’s really a beautiful idea that gives meaning to the word travel.

Bravo for wholeheartedly pursuing this beautiful project, which will offer a valuable service for so many and is very much in line with the economy of sharing. I’ve watched you work on this project over time… I congratulate the reliability of this very secure site, which we can use with peace of mind.



Hi friends, this is a new initiative set up by a french friend. The idea is to make travel easier, cheaper and more convivial for single women, by setting in motion an international network of women who would be willing to host a woman visiting theirtown and in exchange, be able to do the same.. a kind of couch surfing for women of all ages. Claire has been working on this idea for some time and, as a local councillor and natural organiser, is keen to promote the sharing economy. Please share if you think the idea has legs. Thanks

Barbara prof d’anglais de Madame Chapeau

Ivry sur Seine

Well done, Claire Foliot-Guichard, visit her website and support her initiative! A few hints? If you’re a woman and you’d like to travel alone while enjoying friendly encounters, this website is for you.


Saint-Pierre et Miquelon